Bank Display Boards
The Bank display boards are suited for both banks as well as financial intuitions. These are designed to display the current rate of Currency. We offer them in a plethora of sizes so as to fulfill the various requirements of the clients.
Electronic Notice Board

Electronic Notice Board is a wireless communication module widely used for communicating with a processor or computer over the network. This unique system provides the users with the information.

Electronic Display Boards

Electronic Display Boards are designed to display four digits for multiple applications. These digital clocks are available with modern programmable timer and stop watches.

Digital Clock

Digital Clock is designed with simple four wire interface such as data, clock, GND and VCC. This comes with programming interface method comes with WIFI & USB Flash Drive.

Token Display Boards

Token Display Boards are available with token display features having voice and token controller. They are designed for communication for both data and power having cable length support 100 meter.

Digital Display Board

Digital Display Board is developed for displaying digits in simple and easy manner. This durable board comes in varied configurations to meet the exact needs of the clients.

Queue Management Token Display

Queue Management Token Display comes in a variety of specs, sizes, and features. This display is to generate tokens. It has an LED design that is simple to install. Our consumers can acquire low-cost rates. This display has simple operation and easy setup. This is very safe and great to handle.

Production Status Display Board

Production Status Display Board is an alternative to manual data collecting in that it gathers the majority of the essential production data without the need for human interaction. Data monitoring enables the production team to respond quickly to events that may have an impact on the desired outcome.

Electronic Display Clock

Electronic Display Clock is used at a variety of venues, including grocery shops, hospitals, banks, and numerous outlets. The time shown by the clocks will be consistent and accurate regardless of where you are in the building or institution.

Nurse Calling System

Nurse Calling System manages the Nursing Station efficiently via the Supervisor Station and generates reports for analysis. Our multi-functional hard-wired systems are ideal for these healthcare settings, whether general or private. It enables patients to seek nurse help from their room with a single click of their TV remote control.

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